Friday, October 4, 2013

Blatant Racism ... Isn't It? Part Deaux

Garrick White was convicted of sexual assault and given a 5 year prison sentence.  Mr. White, while 17 years old, coerced a 13 year old girl into giving him oral sex in the back seat of a friend's car, while two other friends watched.  The girl was so young that she didn't really know what oral sex was (according to her testimony), and she did it because they egged her on and said they'd say she was cool to her friends. 

As part of a plea deal that gave him this reduced sentence, White admitted to two other charges of unlawful restraint, where he and his buddies had held girls against their will and had sexual relations with them.

Prosecution introduced evidence that White posted several videos of himself having sex with underage girls, most of whom were incoherent or passed out.  Phone calls recorded while White was awaiting trial showed him bragging that he had gotten three of the girls pregnant.

White's family, friends, and attorney immediately cried racism as soon as they left the courtroom, complaining that the only reason White had been charged was because he is black, and his victim is white.  His mother was quoted as saying "He was railroaded."  White was a member of the local high school football team, and had several scholarships on the table.

Holding this guy accountable for taking advantage of multiple underage girls, kidnap, rape, sexual assault ... yeah, that's got to be racist.

I can just imagine what outrage we'd be hearing from the black community if a white teenage football player had stuck his member into the mouth of a 13 year old black girl, and then we find out he'd been doing it (and worse) repeatedly.  Sharpton and Jackson couldn't get here fast enough, demanding life in prison for such a vicious racist hate crime against their 'sisters'.

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