Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Democrat Bait and Switch On Immigration

I tried to watch Chuck Schumer (D-NY) this past weekend on the Sunday talking head programs, discussing his participation in the 'Gang of Eight' Senate effort to come up with an Immigration Reform Bill.  I couldn't stand it, and turned the channel - I don't like some snake oil salesman lying through his teeth.

To listen to Schumer, and other Democrats, all they are doing is common sense things that no one should oppose, because they are common sense and have overwhelming bi-partisan support of the American People.  Notice the key buzz words ...

They are not common sense, bi-partisan, harmless, or supported by the vast majority of Americans.  No way ...

In a nutshell, the Democrat plan is to issue blanket amnesty to all illegal immigrants, phrasing it 'probationary'.  Then, the Feds will consider border enforcement, using new 'metrics' to measure how secure the borders are.  (Interestingly enough, he specifically refused to discuss what those metrics are.)  Once the Feds declare the borders secure, then a path to citizenship will be established for all those on probation.

Three parts, to be done in a very specific order.  Why?

First, 'probationary'.  There was no definition offered of what probationary means, other than 'the poor victims will not have to be constantly be watching over their shoulders'.  No offer of what could revoke such probation.  No explanation of what rights and benefits those under probation would receive.  (We already know that HHS has determined that Obamacare will cover illegal immigrants - what other Federal, State, and local benefits will they receive?  Will they be allowed to vote, even though they aren't citizens?  None of this was disclosed.)

Second, Border Security 'metrics'.  Schumer specifically mentioned 'metrics' several times.  This is code - all it means is that the bill will establish a method (or methods) for measuring border security.  There is nothing in the bill that will actually have any effect on border security.  You may have noticed in the past couple of months that whenever Napalitano or any other Administration official is in front of Congress (or a camera), they are quick to tout that the border is more secure now that at any time in the past.  That is no accident.  They are laying the groundwork for those 'metrics'.  All Obama and his minions will have to say is 'look, border security meets the metrics, we are secure'.  No action, no procedural change, no tightening of the borders at all.

Third, a Path to Citizenship.  Anyone who passes their probationary period (which will be all of them) will be given a quick path to become full citizens, with all the benefits and rights that accompany that status.

There is a very specific reason that Democrats are pushing for the 3 steps in this order.  They must confer status on the illegals BEFORE the sham of their metrics becomes common knowledge.  When the general public finds out what they are trying to pull, the outrage is going to be overwhelming.  Remember 2007, when they tried to ram something like this down our throats?  Remember how it got shut down almost immediately due to the flood of public outcry?  They know that could happen again - and that is the reason that Dems will not allow Border Security to be addressed first.

Democrats do not want the borders secured.  They see illegals as a free flowing spigot of manufactured voters - and there is no way they want to see that windfall dry up.  Once they pass their version (if it passes), they very much hope that masses of fools from south of our border will flock here to get their free citizenship and free shit from the government.  Every one will be indoctrinated into becoming a Democrat voter - for Dems are their saviors.

For those who would argue that point, I cite 1986 as precedent.  President Reagan allowed 3,000,000 illegals to become citizens/residents, based upon a promise from Democrats in Congress that Border Security would be fixed in exchange.  It never was - there was never an effort to fix it.  Shame on Republicans for not pressing that issue when they had control of Congress - they were fools to ignore the issue when they could have done something about it.  Fast forward to 2013 - Dems stand to gain anywhere from 11 to 20 million new voters if they can shove this through.  Why would they allow anything to be passed that would dry up that source of future votes?  Pass amnesty, block any tightening of the borders, and a few years down the road reap another sizable catch of votes.

The three steps are probably a given.  We're going to end up with 11 to 20 million new Democrats, that's almost certain.  The only thing that is really in play is the order of the first two steps.  Will Republicans fight for Border Security first, to turn off the faucet.  Or, will they cave in, hoping somehow that their timidity will con a bunch of Hispanics into voting for them?  It's a loss either way.  The only question is whether they stand up and stop the bleeding now, or just bend over and continue to take it.

Oh, and as a side bar - none of this will have any effect on those law abiding immigrants who are going through the full, legal path to becoming American Citizens.  They will not be offered probation, or a fast path.  What Bullshit!

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