Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When Does Protected Speech Become Hate Speech?

You've probably all heard about the nitwit girl at Carnegie-Mellon University who has caused quite a stir with her parade getup.  Dressed as the Pope from the waist up, naked from the waist down, a cross shave into her pubic hair, handing out condoms as she flaunted her outrageousness down the parade route. 

What message she was trying to project is pretty clear - she thinks the Catholic Church is backwards in its stance towards contraceptives - and probably abortion as well.  She took the parade as a chance to voice that opinion, as well as shock people - which is what all liberal, far left, koolaid drinking college kids want, isn't it?  To get noticed?  Hell, this is probably the highlight of her life, and the biggest accomplishment of her to be launched career. 

It is outrageous.  Is it free speech, as protected by the First Amendment?  Isn't it against the law in PA to walk around naked?  Is this hate speech directed at an organized religion, which is a crime?

I guarantee that if she had made a similar statement about Islam, Obama and the rest of his Administration would be all over the news condemning it.  Holder and his Brownshirts would be on their way to arrest the young lady for inciting violence with her insensitive, racist, intolerant  exhibition of hatred towards the peace loving peoples of the Islamic faith.

Instead, since it is Christianity she is insulting, it is simply a protected expression of Free Speech, to be admired and applauded - according to the left.   

Disgusting ...

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