Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Children Belong To The State

Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC talking head and far left whacko, has appeared in a spot for MSNBC, touting the network's 'Lean Forward' campaign.  I didn't believe this when I heard about it, but then listened to it.   I am stunned.  I knew there were socialists out there in our country who believed this.  I know MSNBC is a left wing mouth for the Obama Administration.  However, I didn't think they'd go this far.

The message - they are not 'our' children ... they are the 'collective's' children.

Listen to this.  Realize that this is the vision of the far left when it comes to education in our country.  These people have to be stopped!

You know who else has uttered these words in the past?  Joseph Stalin ... Mao Tse Tung ... Fidel Castro ... Ho Chi Minh ... Adolph Hitler ...

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