Monday, March 18, 2013

Obama Using Selective Pain To Train The Masses

Obama and his minions have become masters at the use of selective pain to shape the behaviour and opinions of those stupid enough to fall for it.  How successful has it been?  Very ...

Obama's Administration has gone out of its way (and continues to) to make the sequester budget cuts as painful to Americans as possible.  There are many, many areas where that small amount of money could have been cut from the yearly increase in spending our government takes (there was no cut in spending, merely a cut in the rate of growth!).  Many of those areas would have had little or no effect at all on our citizens.  Instead, they've gone out of their way to make the cuts hurt, and make them very visible.

The slashing of our military.  Ships tied up at the docks, idled.  Navy Air Wings mothballed, possibly never to fly again.  Aircraft carriers stuck in port, with some possibly slated to go to mothballs.  Air Force squadrons cut.  Aircraft by the hundreds retired prematurely.  Thousands of civilian DoD employees fired, or have their pay cut.  Thousands of soldiers/sailors/airmen told they're no longer needed.  AIRSHOWS CANCELLED!!!!!

The latest silliness ... the US Department of Agriculture will furlough a significant number of meat inspectors, because it can't afford to pay them.  The same US Department of Agriculture will continue spending millions of dollars on a program to promote the use of Food Stamps to illegal immigrants in Mexico.  What sane person would make that kind of priority decision?  The answer is no one - there is no sanity in this purpose, merely the infliction of pain.  Cutting meat inspectors BAD - cutting a stupid program to tell foreigners how to steal Food Stamps, well that would actually be GOOD, so we can't have that, can we?  The pain tells us budget cuts are bad, and to be avoided no matter what the cost.  So, whenever Republicans call for more cuts, public opinion is NO!  They hurt too much.

(By the way - Senate Republicans tried to shut down the Mexico Food Stamp ripoff - and were thwarted by Democrats, who blocked their attempt.  Apparently, DoA officials who regularly travel to Mexico to 'meet with officials' on the program enjoy their 'south of the border' vacation romps too much!)

Do you think this is preposterous, and you aren't dumb enough to fall for it?  Consider this - how joyful were you when gas prices dropped to the 3.50 a gallon range not too long ago?  You would be jumping up and down and praising His Highness is prices dropped down to 2 bucks a gallon - at least most people would.  Given the glut of supply and shortening of demand over the years, gasoline ought to be in the 1.75 a gallon range - and it should stay there for a LONG time.  There is no gas shortage.  Why are we so compliant about the outrageous prices?  Because they were forced on us, and we got used to them.  Just as Obama and his Energy Secretary and EPA have publicly stated they wanted.  We're paying twice as much as we should be, and we're happy to do so - because we've been trained by the pain.

Update - Another example brought up by Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) ... Obama is still planning on giving Pakistan millions of dollars in aid for education, while curtailing the Armed Forces tuition assistance program.  So, our tax dollars will line the pockets of corrupt Pakistanis instead of assisting out military men and women gain their education.  That is totally F**ked Up!

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