Wednesday, April 10, 2013

National Gun Registry - It's On Its Way

As I've been telling you here for some time, one of the biggest things Democrats are trying to push through under the guise of gun control is a National Gun Registry.  This is pure, unadulterated, liberalism out of control.

Well, according to Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), language in the bi-partisan 'background check' compromise bill that Dems and Repubs are so proud of will allow Eric Holder and his boss to create such a registry.  They can do it without Congressional approval, without Congressional oversight, without any vote by Congress or the people, and with whatever rules and regulations they wish.

Republicans - don't get fooled by Democrats complaining that they are giving up too much in this 'compromise' bill.  It is a ruse.  The biggest thing they want is buried in there.  Contact your Representatives and Senators and demand language in any bill that will specifically forbid the establishment of any kind of registry for gun owners anywhere in this country!   (And then watch the Democrats howl bloody murder!)

Update - Even more is coming to the surface about what's buried in this bill.  Doctors will be authorized to declare someone a mental health threat unilaterally - no hearings, no independent verification.  If they do so, the doctor will be required to report such a person to the government as mentally ill.  At that point, such a person is blacklisted for many things, not only gun ownership.  There is no limit as to how far such information would spread. 

What if the doctor is mistaken?  What if the doctor is having a bad day and makes a rash judgement?  What happens if the doctor doesn't like the patient, or is having an affair with a patient's spouse? 

Under this bill, you can be declared mentally ill, have it reported to the government, and not even know it! 

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Anonymous said...

Beware! What is happening right now in New York State will soon happen nationwide. Yes it is unconstitutional but it's still happening. Don't be fooled.