Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blatant Racism ... Isn't It?

A web based dating service that is dedicated to getting black singles together.  I see them advertised on TV quite often, particularly during football related broadcasts.

(Curious that the owners didn't chose ''.)

I have absolutely nothing against this business or its message.  I have no reason to believe that there is anything racist about it or what it is doing, and have no reason to believe that the owners or users are racists.  I did notice it is PC, catering to hetero and homo sexual men and women.

What I do wonder, however, is how big an outcry of 'RACISM' we would hear if a web service called '' sprang up, with exactly the same business model and message, except geared for Anglo-Americans.  It wouldn't take 5 minutes for Sharpton, Jackson, et al, to get on their favorite TV channels, expressing made up outrage and demanding a boycott or ransom ...

C'mon ... you know I'm right.

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Margot said...

You are 100% right (as usual) and it is just absurd. Groups of people who "demand equality" but then want preferential treatment. When my husband and I got married I had to hunt around for a church and a minister who would marry us because he and I at that time did not attend church. Those who declined to marry us were NOT SUED. It is not the world's job to accomodate me or anybody else. I think we should do away with Black History Month - I am sure White History month, Christian History month, Military history month, and the traditional family history month would offend many people - it is all over the top.