Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Force Proves Ford and Castrol Are Stupid Idiots

NHRA Funny Car Champ John Force faces a dilemma.

His primary sponsors, Castrol and Ford, announced that they were pulling their sponsorships of his teams.  Ford is just plain leaving drag racing.  Castrol, who knows what those goobers are thinking?

Force has been the standard bearer for Ford in drag racing for many years.  No one else has had success in the sport while sporting the Blue Oval.  NHRA is ruled by Chevy in the sportsman ranks.  Ford hasn't had a winner in the pro ranks except Force - at least since Bob Glidden retired from Pro Stock two decades ago.

Castrol - a third rank oil company, wouldn't even be on the map if it weren't for Force carrying their colors for almost three decades now.  Very, very few Americans would have even heard the name if it wasn't for their sponsorship.

Force is fastly approaching retirement age. He's eligible to collect SS benefits.  He's the greatest drag racer in history.  His loud, bombastic personality inspires some, infuriates others, but is never boring, and you never forget him.  The best way for this to have ended would have been for Ford and Castrol to work with him to put on a 'farewell tour'.  Everyone would have benefitted, and the very long term relationships would have ended happily.

Instead, both companies bailed on him mid-season.  He's now looking for sponsorship for his car and his daughter's Top Fuel dragster team.  (His other daughter and son-in-law's funny cars have primary sponsorships already.)

So, Force, rather than feel sorry for himself, gets motivated and wins three National Events in a row.  His victory this past weekend in Las Vegas locked up this year's Funny Car Championship.  Never once, at least in public, has he said "screw you Ford, up yours, Castrol".

This is his SIXTEENTH championship.  Compare that to Petty, or Earnhart, who each won a measly 7 Championships and are both considered legends.

John Force, inspiration to us old folks everywhere.  64 years old, reaction times as good as 'the kids', pilots a 10,000 horsepower car down a 1000ft. track in 4 seconds, enduring 4-5Gs each time he hits the throttle - and still wins Championships!

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