Monday, April 8, 2013

An Apology To Josh Hamilton

I know Josh Hamilton will never see this, but I'm going to say it anyway.

I want to apologize for the behavior of some of my fellow Texans during your weekend visit to Arlington (Rangers vs. Angels).

I am not apologizing for the booing.  You richly deserve that, and it should be no surprise to you that it will happen every time you step onto the field in Rangers Ballpark. 

I AM apologizing for some of the hateful language that was hurled in your direction.  Booing is one thing, but some of the things that I saw reported in the news that came out of the mouths of 'fans' were awful, and completely uncalled for. 

I AM apologizing for the verbal abuse that was reportedly directed against your wife and daughters in the stands.  Family is completely out of bounds for any such crap.  The fact that they still live in this area, and by all accounts are very nice folks make it even more heinous.

The a*holes who were responsible for this mistreatment of you and your family are not, I think, representative of the vast majority of baseball fans here in North Texas.   Even though I was not present at any of the games in the series, I am ashamed because such a thing happened here.  I'd expect it in New York ... or Philly ... or Boston ...   BUT NOT IN TEXAS!

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