Thursday, April 4, 2013

What If Dear Reader Actually Does It?

Kim Jung Un is turning out to be a real chip off the old block.  He's getting more like his dad every day.

People all over the world are trying to figure out his end game, the reason for the latest madness out of the People's Worker's Paradise.  North Korea rescinding the armistice with South Korea, in effect declaring war?  North Korea's army supposedly being freed to fire off a nuke missile at the US?  This moron is up to his dad's old tricks - rattle the sabre in hopes of gaining concessions, money, and food from the US.  Its worked before - the Clintons bent over for them and gave them food AND the technology to make the very bombs they are threatening us with now (Nice move, Billary!).  I wonder what the current Dufus-in-Chief will give them?  Missile Defense?

Well, what if Dear Reader goes off the deep end and actually lets a missile loose in our direction?  What will our response be?

I think a lot will depend upon what happens to the effort.  If it goes sizzle and plops into the ocean after 20 miles or so, what does Obama do?  What do the South Koreans do?  What does Japan do?  We know the UN will actually applaud the effort - anyone who threatens the US is a hero to the idiots in that den of thieves.

If the missile makes it half way here, what then?  What if, God forbid, it actually hits Austin?  Would we turn the North Korean capital into a sheet of glass?  Would we turn the whole country into a burning cinder?  Would we use a surgical, conventional, strike to try and take out their nuke capabilities?  Would we petition the UN for more sanctions? 

Given who is running the country, I really don't know what our response would be.  That, my friends, is a sad statement about our leadership, don't you think? 

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