Monday, November 19, 2012

What Do They Have In Common?

I've seen this collage making the rounds of liberal talk.  The not very well hidden insinuation is that all Republicans are racist for daring to oppose His Higness and His minions.

For all of you liberals out there, I will tell you what these four people have in common ...

They Are All Incompetent Idiots!

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Margot said...

I am sooo tired of this liberal card. I was really hoping that if Obama didn't get re-elected some of this race thing would go away.

I voted against Obama the first time he ran and wore a McCain pin. No big deal. This past election however when I carried around a Romney/Ryan tote bag there were times I was somewhat uncomfortable only because I knew the majority of people who saw it would NOT assume I hated the man's policy but that I was a racist. I resent being made to feel that way and that is the result of the last four years.