Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rush 2012/2112

Had the pleasure of seeing the world's greatest band once again last evening.  RUSH visited Dallas.

These three guys filled the AAC with an incredible sound presence.  As so many have observed, it is hard to believe that a 3 piece band can produce such a full, powerful sound.  For this, their Clockwork Angels Tour, they had an 8 piece string section accompanying them, to accurately reproduce the songs on that album - which they played in its entirety.

These three middle aged guys (Geddy and Alex are 59, Neil is 60) played for 3 hours.  Numerous selections from their '80s albums sandwiched the end to end rendition of Clockwork Angels - which is in itself one of the best albums they have ever produced.

The encore was a powerful performance of the 2112 overture - first time I have seen them do it live.  Appropriate, since 2012 is the 100th pre-nniversary of 2112.  If that doesn't make sense, you simply need to know more about RUSH.

The only drawback was the Ga-nomes.  Although funny, it didn't come close to the hilarity of Gershon's House of Sausages.  (again, if you aren't 'down' with that, you need to be more of a Rushie!)

The concert was recorded on video.  There were cameras all over the place, including one just above my right shoulder.  A DVD will be produced next year from what I saw last night, plus the concert in Phoenix a few days ago.  So, look in Section 115, row X, and you'll see me in my official RASH shirt.

Our local newspaper (Dallas Morning News) started its review of the concert with 'EPIC'. 

Geddy, Alex, and Neil - thanks guys, enjoyed seeing you immensely, and hope you make it back here sometime in the future.

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Brian of Nazareth said...

Sorry, but I must say that I REALLY liked the "ga-nomes" bit when I saw the boys in Toronto. Funny? Of course! What got me was the SFX involved in having them portrayed as such. I thought it was brilliant! Granted, an old fart like me doesn't really keep up with what's possible with current SFX technology. Still, seeing Neil as a gnome complete with his 70's porn 'stache was a hoot!