Sunday, November 4, 2012

Voter Fraud by Democrats Rampant

As we come closer to election day, reports form all over the country are surfacing, detailing instances of voter fraud. The VAST MAJORITY of these reports indicate the fraud is being perpetrated by Democrats, or in favor of Democrat candidates:

This is a shocking report, detailed on, of how NAACP members took over an early voting location in Houston, and voting officials not only didn't do anything to stop it, but interferred with officially sanctioned poll watchers who tried to report the crimes they were witnessing ...

Reports from at least 5 states have come up, indicating that voting machines have registered a vote for Obama, even though the voter clearly chose Romney.  Officials have pooh-poohed the reports, saying it is impossible, that the voters are incompetent and don't know what they are doing.  Curiously, not a single report of an Obama vote coming up as Romney ...

Active Duty members of the military, several hundred, have been removed from Florida voter roles, either preventing them from casting ballots or putting so many roadblocks in the way that they are hindered is casting a ballot.

Several hundred dead people, appearing on Florida voter roles, stay on the voter roles due to a Democrat judge stopping Florida's Secretary of State from removing their names. 


Local Democrat Voting Chief Judges all over Philadelphia prevented Republican voting officials from entering polling places this morning, while allowing Democrats access.  A judge has issued an order to reinstate the presence of the Republican officials, as they are legally entitled to attend.

In multiple Philadelphia polling locations, New Black Panthers, in their 'uniforms' have been sighted standing by the entrance doors.  Its just like 2008, except that they aren't carrying night sticks.  Their purpose - try to intimidate white voters into not voting.

Culinary Union 226, based in Las Vegas, has been accused of adding hundreds of illegal immigants to voter registration roles, and then forcing those illegals to vote Democrat if they want to keep their jobs.  Despite hard evidence submitted to support the claim, the Nevada Secretary of State (a Democrat) has taken no action.

A man in High Point, NC, filed a compalint with the FBI Voter Fraud unit after he witnessed a polling worker instruct voters to push the Obama button when he was telling them how to operate the voting machine.  The man witnessed two people in front of him in line be targeted like this by the worker, and then the worker tried to do the same to him.

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