Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Bullsh*t Of Racial Code Words

Ever since Obama started running for office back in 2006 (yes, all the time he spent in the US Senate was just his campaign for the White House - don't believe me, check his 'absent' voting record), Democrats and other left wing kooks, plus the mainstream media have used a weapon to fight the Right - anything said against His Highness is 'Racist'.

Someone cannot be opposed to anything His Highness does, without that person being a racist.  Anything said in opposition is racist slurs, or worse yet, the dreaded 'Racist Code Words'.

Racist Code Words are an invention of the mainstream media, who had to find a way of attacking people on the Right, even when they didn't have anything to attack them with.  Anything said becomes a code word that is supposed to trigger visceral racial hatred in the sub-conscious of all white people.

What a load of bullshit.

Dispicable, dirty, underhanded, dishonest, evil ... and it works.  Look at how many times anything a Republican said was lambasted by His Highness' minions on MSNBC, CNN, NPR, etc., as a racist attack.  A Republican literally could not disagree with anything Obama did or said without being labeled a racist.  This wasn't by accident - it was calculated, and it will continue.

The example playing out in front of us right now is how John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte (all Republican Senators) are being savaged for their racial attack on Susan Rice, Obama's Ambassador to the UN.  Rice's outright lies to the public in the wake of the Libya scandal have caused serious doubt as to her 'worthiness' to assume the office of Secretary of State (which Obama seems to be positioning her for).  Not one of these Senators has said a single word about Rice's skin color, or her color having anything to do with her job her qualifications, or her being guilty of lying to us.  Yet - they are all racists to be hated and despised for their KKK like attack on Obama's pet. How dare they attack one of His Highness' followers?

Get used to it.  This will be the continuing tactic for the next 4 years.  It works, and Democrats are never called to task for it by their media lapdogs.   No one brought onto TV or the internet to attack those on the Right for using Racial Code is EVER asked to explain exactly how it is racist code.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what a Racist Code Word is actually supposed to be.  To me, if you use a racist word directed at someone, it's a pretty obvious word.

There is one Racist Code Word that we have been hearing and will continue to hear constantly from the left;

Fair   ... or Fairness.

This word is racist code that means only one thing to its target audience;

Take it all from rich whitey, and give it to the bruthas and sistas ...

To the Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc, out there who don't understand this, you NEED to understand - your races are a sideshow to Obama and the people behind him.  You are being used to deliver a counted upon voting block - that's all.  If you think Obama is fighting for you, you need to look at his record a lot closer.  You have delivered your votes to him, now he has no need to pander to you and your causes anymore.

To all those 'middle class' white people, the ones Obama's staff wrote off a year ago - do you think he's fighting for you?  Seriously?  Now that he's gotten your vote and doesn't need you anymore, do you think he's going to bat for you?  Yeah, you just keep believing that as your taxes go up, and up ... and up ... and up.  Keep singing His praises as you watch more and more of your money being taken away and given to someone else.  Stay at His altar while you stand in line to see some bureaucrat to get permission to see a nameless, generic doctor 3 months from now.

I hate racism.  I believe everyone should stand up and be judged for what they are, not by their skin color.  It pains me to see our country embroiled in racism to an extent that hasn't been seen since the early days of the Civil Rights movement.  It pains me even more to see the leader of our country, the man who promised to get us beyond racial barriers, purposely feeding the fires of racism to strenghten his position.  It hurts to see fabricated racial wedges driven between our people, ON PURPOSE, in order to further a left wing political agenda.  It is really painful to see the mainstream media, the people who are supposed to hold the government, all government, accountable for the people, gleefully participating in this destructive effort.

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