Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Thief!

We live in an ethnically diverse neighborhood.  Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Vietnamese, Indians ... a pretty cosmopolitan mix.  Its a nice neighborhood, with nice people in it.  When you drive down the street and wave at someone, you are likely to get a wave and a smile back, no matter what the color of the person's skin is. 

Trick or treat last night was a good indicator of this.  Kids of all of these races/ethnicities came by for their handouts (and a few Hispanic teenagers came by multiple times ...).  It was fun, and everyone who rang our doorbell was polite.

The diversity of the neighborhood is also seen in the political yardsigns, where Obama/Democrat signs are just as many, if not a bit more than, Romney/Republican ones.  This morning, as I drove through the neighborhood, I noticed that every one of the Romney/Republican yardsigns were missing, while all of the Obama/Democrat ones were still in place.

Did all of my Republican neighbors all of a sudden decide to pull down their signs of support?  I kind of doubt it ...

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