Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here It Comes, Part I

OK, the second term of hell is upon us.  Obama would love nothing more than for all of us to keep crying about his victory, be depressed, withdraw ...  All of those things are easy to do.  But they don't help anything, and they don't change anything.

What each of us can do is recognize what is going to happen, and prepare ourselves, our families, and our political leaders to survive it and figure out how to successfully fight it.

Now that he doesn't need to plan for a reelection, Obama is free to pursue all the crap that he couldn't in his first term.  He has no worries about pissing the voting public off - we can't do anything about it, there is no recourse that will affect Obama himself.  Based upon what he and his minions have said, both in public and semi-private, here's a list of what's coming:

1)  Within a few weeks, the EPA is going to pass regulations that will effectively make the use of coal illegal in the US.  The regulations are designed to bankrupt all coal producers and users.  The EPA can do this because our wonderful SCOTUS gave them the power to bypass Congress and regulate coal (and other industries) however they want to.  What this will do is throw thousands of people out of work, and eliminate the one cheap fuel used to produce electricity.  In addition to those poor people who will be unemployed, you can expect your electricity bill to skyrocket.

2)  The 'sequestration' budget cuts that are scheduled to happen on Jan.2 will happen.  The Democrats want them to happen.  Why?  Because half of the cuts will hit the Pentagon.  Half a trillion dollars will be slashed from our military's funding over the next 10 years.  This will curtail almost all new weapons development and procurement.  Hundreds of thousands of defense workers will lose their jobs early next year.  Hundreds of thousands of military personnel will be forced out of the service, and the vast majority of them will end up unemployed.  Currently deployed weapons systems will be retired at a much faster rate, castrating our ability to defend ourselves and our allies.

Democrats aren't worried about the other programs that will be cut by sequestration.  They will either force through legislation to restore those cuts, or Obama will shoot out another Executive Order to do it. 

Democrats hate the military, and want it gone.  This is a glorious chance for them to strike a blow against it, and they don't even have to take any blame for it!  'Well, we didn't do it, it was automatic'.

3)  Taxes are going to go up on everyone on Jan.1.  Everyone who pulls in a paycheck is going to get a shock when they get their first one of the new year.  All those middle class workers are going to go 'WTF' when they see what their Saviour in the White House is actually doing to them.  The combination of expiring tax rates and new taxes are going to be a big hit for a lot of folks.

4)  Obama is going to pursue gun control.  He said it.  It will come in the public form of an attack on so called 'assault weapons'.  He wants to completely outlaw them.  Under the surface, it will also include other forms of firearms.  The only thing he won't go after are single shot hunting rifles and shotguns.  He's not only going to go after the guns themselves, he's going after ammunition as well.  Don't be surprised by an effort to ban certain types/calibers of rounds.  If you want to own an AK or an AR, you better get it on order now, I suspect a lot of people will be doing the same.

There's a lot more that is coming.  I'll try to touch on the outrages to come in additional parts of this post.

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Margot said...

I haven't commented in a while, but I follow you faithfully. In the course of the last four years, I have been educated on U.S. history and politics more than I ever dreamed possible. That is a good thing. I got involved locally with this election and intend, for better or worse, to fight the good fight for another 4 years.

My children have also learned more and endured 4 years of talk radio, They understand the concept of capitalism and GDP and are probably better educated than many who were old enough to vote. They will not be fooled by politicians in whatever kind of world I finally leave them in.

Unfortunately, those who re-elected Obama are like drinking alcoholics - the only thing a drunk cares about is if he is going to get his next drink and from where. Until the US hits bottom (and we look like Greece) the drunks of entitlements will hear no message of responsiblity, or threats of repercussions. To those, I have no sympathy. They made their bed and I hope the disaster hits soon and hard. I hope it is painful and teaches every citizen in this country that there is no such thing as something for nothing. It is the only way this country will grow up again.

Last year at Christmas good Samaritans were annonymously paying off lay a way at Walmart and I thought it was great. This year... well I hope nobody does it. Sad what another year of Obama has done to my "giving spirit". They can call the POTUS instead. And to women who voted for him but can't buy presents for their kids - take a birth control pill - sorry for you luck.

My family and I will be fine. I have heeded warnings from many and done as much as I could afford to do (as a small business owner) to prep for whatever is coming - but to the POTUS fans - you are on your own.

Thank you ever so much for your blog -it is always a calm voice amidst the storm.