Friday, November 16, 2012

VICTORY For Unions, Obama

Hostess Bakeries, makers of Twinkies and hundreds of other baked goods under various brand names, is closing its doors.

The company had been in bad financial shape for years, and is currently under Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  As part of its reorganization, new labor contracts were required, to cut operating costs down to where the company would at least break even.

The Teamsters, strangely enough, agreed to new terms and signed a contract.  A smaller union, the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International (BCTWGM) rejected the company's new terms, and went on strike.  The strike shut down 12 of the company's 33 plants.  The company gave them an ultimatum, agree to terms and end the strike, or the company would go under and be liquidated.

Union leaders (thugs in charge) told their membership that this was a bluff, and that there were better alternatives available (although the judge presiding over the bankruptcy insisted that no other alternatives were on the table).  Based on that, 90% of the union's members voted down the proposal.

Guess what, union thugs - it wasn't a bluff. 

Hostess has received permission from the judge to close up shop completely and liquidate its assets.  All 18,500 employees of the company will lose their jobs.  Since the company is bankrupt, very few of the now unemployed workers will receive any seperation compensation.

Company officials, understandably bitter, lambasted the union and its membership.  In a shocking show of non-solidarity, Teamster leaders also laid into BCTWGN.

The 82 year old company will now disappear.  33 plants, 565 distribution centers, 570 bakery outlets, 5550 delivery routes, and 18,500 employess are lost.

Congratulations, unions.  You stood tall, and defended your membership  You really showed those rich bastard owners, didn't you?

I can see in my mind's eye ... Obama in the Oval Office, feet propped up on the desk, cigarette dangling from his chuckling lips ...

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