Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Republican Dunce Awards

In the wake of yesterday's disaster, there are a lot of targets for anger and disappointment.  I have a short list of folks who deserve a lot of the credit for giving us 4 more years of hell:

1)  The 'I'm too busy to vote' Republicans.  To all of you Republicans, conservatives, and independents who have wanted for so long to get rid of Obama, but couldn't find the time to get off your asses and do it - you are stupid, lazy, morons!  Each one of you who didn't vote for Romney actually placed a vote for Obama.  Think your one vote didn't matter?  6 swing states, the states that would have given Romney a victory, were won by Obama by just a few thousand votes each. 

Turnout for Obama was less than in 2008.  All Republicans had to do was show up and vote.

More than anything else, laziness of Republican voters delivered the White House to Obama.

UPDATE - just heard that a total of 3 MILLION registered Republicans did not cast votes in this election.  Yes, 3 MILLION.  Whatever their reasons, these people guaranteed an Obama victory.  Are all of you happy with the results?  Hope so ... 

2)  Romney's advisors, the ones who talked him into giving Obama a pass on the Libya scandal.  By taking the high road on this, you guaranteed that many Americans stayed ignorant of what happened and Obama's complicity in that outrage.  Exit polling showed that a large number of Obama supporters had no idea what happened in Libya.

3)  Chris Christie.  You are a f***ing idiot.  Giving Obama a 90 minute photo op on the beach, and your endorsement of his incredibly wonderful handling of the aftermath of Sandy turned a lot of undecided voters.  Doesn't matter that Obama and his Administration's handling of Sandy has been horribly inept. 

Chris - either you are just plain stupid, or your future political wishes overrode your party loyalty.  Christie is a big ego.  He wants to run for the White House.  If Romney had won, Christie would have been frozen out for 8 years.  Now, 2016 is open to him.  Did he do this on purpose to sabotage Romney?  I don't know, but it sure looks like it.

Christie is not a conservative.  He is a Democrat wearing a red jacket.  Bud, why don't you just go ahead and switch parties and stop this charade?

4)  Todd Akin, who should have easily beaten Claire McCaskill for one of Missouri's Senate seats - you're a moron.  You were stupid when you uttered those rape comments, and you let your ego drive you to stay in the race, despite the fatal damage to his chances his mouth caused.  Your ego guaranteed that the easiest Senate seat pickup for Republicans wasn't going to happen.  Way to fall on your sword for the greater cause - you idiot.

5)  Reince Priebus is the head of the RNC.  He needs to be shown the door, and right now.  His fund raising tactics alienated a lot of Republicans.  I don't have any figures to support it, but I suspect that a lot of folks stayed home and didn't vote because they were put off by the leader of the Republican Party.

My mother passed away not quite 2 years ago.  She had given to the RNC during the 2008 election campaign.  So, they had her in their database.  I must have received 30 mailings from the RNC, demanding money from her.  Demanding is a strong word, and I don't use it lightly here.  These mailings were not requests for contributions to help defeat Obama.  They were bills.  They were labeled PAST DUE.  They were invoices.  They were collection notices.  They all were 'signed' by Priebus.

These mailings continued until a month before the election, one every 3 or 4 weeks.  I sent two notices to the RNC, explaining that she had passed, and to remove her name from their rolls.  No effect.

These mailings and the tactics they exposed pissed me off so much that there is no way I would give a penny to the RNC. 

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