Saturday, November 10, 2012

Is Legalized Pot Our Fiscal Answer?

Tuesday's election gave the residents of two states, Colorado and Washington, the right to legally raise, own, and smoke pot, not only for medicinal uses, but for recreational use as well.  So, people in those states can get stoned whenever they want, and the cops can't do anything about it.

There is still some question about exactly what this means, since pot is still illegal under Federal law - but no one expects the Obama Administration to try and prosecute anyone for smoking pot in these two states.  After all, Obama is the Stoner-In-Chief.

Besides the rank stupidity of doing this, it does raise some interesting possibilities for those two states.  Why not tax the hell out of pot, since you've got such a groundswelling of support for its use?  The precedent is there - taxes on cigarettes and liquor are tremendously high (so called sin taxes).  Why not soak pot users as well?

I propose that Colorado and Washington impose a 50% sales tax on legal marijuana sales in their states.  I propose the Feds impose an additional 50% use tax.  So, 100% in taxes, to be collected upon the legal sale of each and every doobie. 

That would pay for a lot of free shit, wouldn't it?

(Oh, don't be surprised when residents of these two states start clamoring for the government to provide them pot at no charge - more of the free shit Obama promised them in exchange for their votes.)

(Also don't be surprised when Democrats start talking about legalizing pot nationwide - a lot of the more far left wingers are already discussing it openly!)

Update - Of course, this won't happen.  Primarily because the people who are going to take advantage of smoking pot legally are the same ones who will expect pot to be part of their free shit shipment each month from the government.  And you don't pay taxes on free shit, do you?

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