Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama Snows The Boss

Bruce Springsteen, liberal hack has-been rock star, put on a concert to prop up His Highness.  It drew about 15,000 people.  (In contrast, Springsteen's concert to prop up John Kerry during his campaign drew about 70,000). 

Springsteen calls himself The Boss.  He is supposed to be the champion of the little guy.  Bullshit.  He's been a multi-millionaire for decades.  If he was for the little guy, he'd only charge $2 for a concert ticket, wouldn't he?  Trust me, he is not living in a row of blockhouses in Brooklyn ...

Bruce ... man ... you are being used by Obama.  He hates your guts.  Why?  Consider:

You are a white man.

You are a rich white man.

You are a white man and call yourself The Boss.

You have been used to raise money for Obama's campaign, and to deliver votes from the lower white middle class (the people you say you represent, though you have nothing in common with them at all).  If you weren't delivering money and votes, Obama would have absolutely nothing to do with you (other than send the IRS after your millions).

Bruce, grow up ... wise up ... realize you are being used as a tool.

Photo Credit - AP

Update - Bruce, buddy - your Saviour won!  Celebrate.  Don't you dare complain one word in January when your team of accountants tell you how much your tax bill went up!

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