Monday, November 5, 2012

Democrats - The Party of Racism and Hatred

The tired old line coming from the left has been used for decades ...  Republicans hate.  Republicans hate the poor.  Republicans hate the middle class.  Republicans hate blacks.  Republicans hate (insert ANY minority group).  Republicans hate Jews.  Republicans hate Muslims. 

Republicans hate anyone who is not a rich, white, Christian.

Okay ...

Look at the hatred being flung around these days, all in preparation for an Obama loss.  All over social networking you see complete idiots threatening to kill Romney, kill whitey, start riots, burn America to the ground, etc.  You've got Bill Maher, lunatic left wing fool on HBO, telling his audience that whites better look out if Obama loses, because blacks know where they live.  You've got the 'pastor' who swore Obama into office reiterating that he thinks all white people will burn in hell.  You've got Chris Matthews making crap up, on the air, predicting race wars if his idol loses.

Look at the New Black Panthers, who have promised to show up at polling places, like they did last time, to make sure 'their' voters are not intimidated (yeah, it requires military style uniforms and nightsticks to do that!).

Now, you don't hear any of this coming from Obama himself (though you do hear it from the mass media outlets who worship him, and some select idiot members of Congress, state, and local governments).  However, since Obama has refused to come out and distance himself from or apologize for these peoplke, he is by default endorsing their behavoir.  (And if you think that's ludicrous, how many times have Republicans been held responsible for what some idiot, not associated with them, stupidly says?)

Do you hear anything even remotely as caustic as this left wing crap coming from the right?  Anyone threatening to burn down America if Romney loses?  (I'm sure there are a few flakes out there who might be off their rocker, but you don't find them covered on or working for television networks!)

Who is REALLY spitting the hatred?

By the way - the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was pressed for and passed by REPUBLICANS, who fought an almost unanimous Democrat effort to keep it from becoming law!

You know who created the KKK?  Democrats, in the wake of the Civil War.  Southern Democrats continued fighting the Civil War for 10 years after the South surrendered, during a period of time referred to as 'Reconstruction'.  Thousands of ex-slaves and anti-slavery folks were killed during those years.  Republican driven efforts of the US Army to fight Southern Democrats really were a second war, involving campaigns and pitched battles.  The KKK was formed by pro-slavery Democrats during this period as the para-military arm of the Democrat Party.

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