Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandy is Obama's Katrina

As reports start to mulitply about problems with response in the Northeast in the wake of Sandy, I am getting steamed. 

Fuel shortages all over the place.  Mile long lines waiting to get a couple of gallons of gas, at inflated prices.  Government officials having to sign waivers to allow non-union tankers to deliver gas into northern states, even in this emergency.  Fights breaking out in lines.  How long until riots, or murders take place?

Food shortages, stories about folks dumposter diving trying to find something to eat.  This isn't some backwoods bayou, its NEW YORK, for God's sake!

People absolutely fed up that its taken 5 days for electric crews to even begin to address outages in the outlying areas.  In some cases, crews have been attacked and driven off until they can get police escorts.

Gangs of teenagers roaming the streets, destroying and looting - in Manhattan!

The Mayor of NYC Doomberg kicking homeless out of hotels in order to allow people to come in from the outside to run a F***ING Marathon this weekend.

Emergency supplies being rerouted for use during that marathon this weekend, instead of being sent to the folks who need them.

People in apartments in New York using their hallways as toilets, because there is no water, and the sewers aren't working.

Union thugs turning away volunteer electrical crews, who traveled thousands of miles to help out - just because they don't belong to the local unions. 

Areas along the shores, islands in particular, who still haven't seen any emergency personnel - 5 days after the storm hit.

Red Cross crews who are handing out hot choclate and donuts, but don't have any blankets for folks who have lost everything.

Do you see any of this on the 6 o'clock news?  Anything in the papers?  If you rely upon CNN or MSNBC for information, everything is fine.  Obama and his Feds have saved the day - no one has any problems.  His Highness swooped in, disrupted rescue efforts in New Jersey in order to stage a photo op, and left to continue his campaigning.  All we hear is how Presidential he looked in his bomber jacket.

George W Bush was roasted alive by these assholes for the aftermath of Katrina.  Why is Obama getting a clean pass?   (You know the answer - got to protect His Highness before next Tuesday!)

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