Sunday, November 11, 2012

Here It Comes, Part IV

Immigration 'Reform'.

Expect this to be tackled by Obama during 2013.  This was an issue he couldn't address during his first term, since his desired goal would not have passed through Congress, and would have pissed off a majority of the voters.

Obama and the Democrat let Senate will push for immediate amnesty for all 20 million or so illegals in this country.  Their target will be the vast majority of those illegals who are from south of the border.  Amnesty will require nothing, or next to nothing from the illegals to achieve.  They certainly won't be required to do anything close to what is required of legal immigrants who go through the current process to become citizens.  In fine print at the bottom of this amnesty proposal will be the right of all of these amnestified illegals to get voting priviledges.  After all, the only reason Democrats want them in the country is as a guaranteed Democrat voting bloc.

Democrats will also fight any attempt to actually tighten border control.  Why?  Because they want their pipeline of guaranteed voters to continue.  No way they'll cut that resource off.

Republicans in the House MUST realize what this is all about (and they do, even if they don't discuss it publicly).  They must fight full amnesty, must require some reasonable process for these people to become citizens.  They must not allow anyone given amnesty without earning citizenship to gain the right to vote.  They must fight for meaningful, enforceable border control to be a part of any agreement on immigration.

Two side notes:

First, Republican talking heads are freaking out about the lack of Hispanic voting for Romney.  They are declaring that Republicans MUST embrace amnesty, and welcome Hispanics by acting as Democrat Lites.  That's a mistaken approach, and hopefully the GOP will think a lot before adopting it.

Exit polling, combined with extensive research by polling professionals, indicate that Hispanics who voted, legally or illegally, don't care about immigration nearly as much as they do about getting free shit from the government. 

Republicans could beg Obama to make every illegal in the US a full citizen immediately, no questions asked, no fines, no tests, no nothing.  Republicans could plead for completely open southern borders, with automatic citizenship for anyone who shows up at the door.  It wouldn't matter.  They will still vote Democrat.  Why?  Because Democrats promise more free shit.

There is impirical evidence of this.  Ronald Reagan won 37% of the Hispanic vote in his reelection of 1984.  Reagan pushed through amnesty in 1986, making 3 million illegals instant citizens.  George H W Bush, running as the third term of Ronald Reagan and a staunch supporter of amnesty, won election in 1988, but only got 30% of the Hispanic vote.  Amensty didn't mean a damn thing, didn't get Republicans a single vote.

As a side note to this side note, the agreement between Reagan and Congress that allowed amnesty to happen included an agreement for tightening border security so the massive illegal problem wouldn't happen again.  Obviously, Congress didn't hold up its end of that deal. 

Second, if Rebublicans think that putting a Hispanic on the 2016 ticket, like Marco Rubio, is going to get them a large Hispanic vote, think again.  Hispanic heritage will help him be accepted as a candidate, surely, but the fact his heritage is Cuban isn't going to help draw in Mexican votes.  Its also about the message, and Rubio isn't going to deliver free shit - so they're not going to vote for him.

Giving amnesty AND voting rights to 20 or so million people who are hostile to Republicans will make it tremendously more difficult to win national office, such as the White House - and its going to drastically impact Republican representation in border states.  Democrats in Texas are already crowing about how the coming influx of Hispanics from south of the border are going to change Texas from reliably Republican to purple, and then blue.

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