Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Obama's War on Terror - A Puzzle?

I can't figure out exactly what His Highness is doing in the War on Terror - oh, I'm sorry, they've renamed it so many times I've lost track of it's latest catch phrase.

On one hand, he ties the hands of our military with funding cuts and attacks on its morale. On the other, he approves spending bills needed to keep them in the field. One hand - he comes out and calls the surge in Iraq a failure - even to this day - ignoring its obvious success. On the other, he initiates a surge in Afghanistan that he says (and correctly so) is necessary.

On one hand, he tells his lapdog Holder to make sure that every terror suspect is read their Miranda rights, so they don't have to talk to us. Then he keeps Gitmo open, even though he keeps telling the far left kook fringe that its days are numbered.

But the biggest quandry I have is understanding this ...

Obama insists to the whole world that the US will play by all international rules, will not torture, will not illegally apprehend, will give the full protection of the US legal system to anyone who makes war on us.

He then turns around and authorizes the US military and the CIA to assassinate Al Qaeda leadership and operatives in Pakistan and Afghanistan via drone attacks. The latest is said to have killed Al Qaeda's #3 man.

Pakistan is not an official war zone. These people are not in direct armed contact with US forces. They've not been Mirandized, not been debriefed, not been give the benefit of counsel. They've been hunted down through intelligence, and dispatched via a drone strike controlled from a trailer outside of Las Vegas.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think this is a very good thing. We ought to be doing more of it. I just can't understand why Obama would be so much in favor of this method of eliminating enemies when hs is so dead set against most of our other tools in the Global War on Terror. I also don't understand why those on the far left aren't attacking Obama for doing it - after all, he's applying the death penalty without going through due process ....

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