Monday, June 28, 2010

Dallas' Pro Sports - An Update

Well, we're in summer, and the Texas Rangers are doing very well and in first place in their division. I guess that means their inevitable annual implosiion after the All Star break will just have that much further to fall. It's nice to see them win. It sucks to know it won't last.

A judge has once again halted the sale of the Rangers. MLB, Bud Selig, Tom Hicks, and Nolan Ryan's ownership group are livid. Some of the creditors Hicks owes are doing anything they can to block the sale, to try to get he bidding reopened so that they can get more of what they are owed back. These A*holes have absolutely no interest in the team, Baseball, or its fans - it's just the all mighty dollar causing them to SUCK. There is some talk going around that Selig may fold the franchise, just to end this mess.

STARS! Say it ain't so, Mo! Mike Modano has told the press that he's 75/25 for coming back next season. The problem is, the Stars' management may not want him. Their youth movement may not have a slot open for an aging, though talented, forward. Mike has stated to some reporters that if he does decide to play this coming year, it will probably have to be with another team.


Mike Modano in another team's uniform is sacriledge - almost as bad as, well, Emmitt Smith going to the Cardinals for his last season. What a pile of dog puke that was ...

Stars management - don't you dare let this happen. If you can't put him on the ice, then give him a front office contract. Keep him a Star for life. If you don't, you SUCK.

Mike, don't sign with another team. Even if you can't play for the Stars, don't go elsewhere. You'll hate it, it will anger the hockey Gods, and you'll lose a lot of your incredible fan base here in DFW and in Minnesota. Don't do it ... PLEASE!!!!!

Dirk Nowitzki has chosen to buyout the last year of his contract and go into free agency this week. He is giving up a guaranteed 21.5 million this coming season to test the free agency market. Local concensus is he's trying to get Mark Cuban to give him a long term contract - if Cuban doesn't give him what he wants, there will be a lot of teams out there who will. Seeing Dirk in another team's uniform would be as bad as Modano.

Come on, guys! Pull your collective heads out of your butts.

Update - Well, the Stars stepped in it today (6/29). GM Joe Nieuwendyk (once a teammate of Modano's and a good friend to Mike - at least he was yesterday) announced publicly that the Stars will not offer Modano a contract for the upcoming season. So, If Mike wishes to play, he has to look for a new team. Joe did say that if Mike wanted, the Stars would find a place to fit Modano into the organization in a non-playing role. What a backhanded bullshit offer that is. If Joe was serious, he would have offered Mike a specific position prior to the announcement, to save Mike the embarrassment of having his team turn its back on him.

Mike is reportedly really pissed off about this - I don't blame him. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to sign up with a direct competitor with the Stars, just to try and get back at them - much like Emmitt did with the Cardinals. I really hope he doesn't - he needs to be a Star for life.

ATTENTION STARS MANAGEMENT - I will continue to be a fan of the team's but do not count on me showing up and spending any of my money to support you this upcoming season. You just do not do this to the most important player the franchise has ever had. Very poor decision, and very poorly handled.

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