Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama Dep of Labor Helping Illegals

This makes my blood boil ....

The Obama Department of Labor is spending our tax dollars running an ad campaign that encourages illegal aliens to come to the DoL to gain assistance. Specifically, Obama's Secretary of Labor HIlda Solis begs illegals who think they are not being treated or paid fairly for their work should come to the DoL for assistance. The whole ad is about and targeted to illegal aliens.

Secretary Solis pitches her schtick in front of backdrop of images of presumably illegals at work. In the background plays a catchy little jingle:

"We can help. We'll get you what you are due ..."

Solis insists that the help is free and confidential.

I want to throw up.

A division of the US Government is openly, publicly soliciting illegal aliens in order to assist them in continuing to break our laws.

That division is openly stating it will not assist the other divisions that are tasked with apprehending and deporting these same illegal aliens. In fact, the DoL is conspiring to keep information out of the hands of law enforcement - obstruction of justice, which is a felony.

Our tax dollars are being spent on this ad campaing, and more importantly, being spent by the millions to help illegal aliens stay in this country and continue to break our laws.

When is this liberal, far left kook madness going to stop?

The first of these videos is what I believe to be the original ad. The second is a doctored version that is floating around Youtube ... cute, but don't believe that this is the real one ....

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