Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama Bypassing Congress on Amnesty?

Reports are flying around today that Obama and his minions are in the midst of preparing a Presidential Executive Order that will grant amnesty to every illegal alien currently in the US. The number of affected people range from 10-22 million, depending upon whose estimate you want to believe.

8 United States Senators have sent a letter to the White House, asking for confirmation of whether this is true or not. So far, no statement has been made by Obama's mouthpiece.

If this is true, it is one more HUGE example of how Obama feels about the rule of law and our Constitution. He wants all those illegals to show up on the voter roles as Democrats, especially just before the November elections. Imagine the impact of 10-15 million new voters, voters who would be absolutely in love with Obama for giving them instant legal status in this country, along with all that provides. That would be a game changer, and give the Dems what they need to stay in power in both sides of Congress.

Would Obama have the gall to do this? Absolutely. Look at what he's done so far to this country and tell me he'd have any hesitation whatsoever to issuing such an order.

Update - This apparently is very real. The 8 Republican Senators who sent the letter to the White House are not backing off their assertions. They have not received any comment form the White House. If this was a rumor, or something made up by the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", Obama's minions would be all over the news denying it and denouncing the Senators. Instead, silence.

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