Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's IRS Giving Tax Breaks to Prison Inmates

1300 prison inmates, including 241 that are serving life sentences, received Obama's home buyer tax credit this past year. They are part of over 14,000 individuals who fraudulently filed for and received the tax credit from Obama's IRS.

J. Russell George, the Treasury Department's Inspector General for Tax Administration, authored the report, which stated that over $26 million in tax revenue was lost from the incorrect approval of the tax credits.

To be fair, the IRS says it blocked 100,000 false claims for the tax credit, and has opened 150 criminal complaints as a result.

The report also stated that at least 87 IRS employees falsely claimed the tax credit.

Come on Obama, clean up your waste and our debt won't be nearly as bad....

P.S. - I fully expect Mr. George to be summoned to the White House and fired for authoring a report critical of the regime ....

Update - Another Obama/IRS gem has come to light ... The payments BP is giving out to persons affected by the oil spill are goping to be taxed by the IRS as normal income. So, Obama is going to get his cut of every dollar BP doles out to help the people whose livelyhoods have been hit. This will be the same for payments made out of the $20 Billion slush fund Obama extorted from BP - Obama's hand picked man will decide who gets paid out of that fund, how much, and when. And, the IRS will be there to take Obama's share. Does anyone out there seriously doubt that the slush fund will be very easy to use to reward Obama and Democrat supporters - yeah, right - you laugh at that. But there is one man, directed by Obama, who controls that money, and there is no requirement for any accounting of where it goes to.

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