Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Try To Make Sense Of It, But ...

Last Friday night, a 39 year old mother of two went to a minor league baseball game with her husband in San Angelo, TX. Their Colts were playing the Amarillo Dillas. A fun time for a Friday evening ...

which turned horribly wrong. Wendy Whitehead was seated down the third base line. In the 8th inning, a line drive foul ball hit her directly in the head. Her husband, Bo, knew immediately it was a fatal blow, even though trainers and medics attempted to resuscitate her.

She was kept on life support until mid-day Saturday. She was a registered organ donor, so the family will take some comfort, someday, that parts of her will help others live on.

Wendy leaves behind a husband, two daughters, and a community asking ... why?

Those of you who believe might want to say a prayer for her family.

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