Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oill Spill Obama's Fault?

Obama the Immaculate came out in a newsconference on Friday and told the world that he was responsible for stopping the oil spill. His authority, and his alone, directed BP to implement the 'top kill' attack on the spill, and it was successful in stopping the spill due to his leadership and action from Day One..

Three problems...

First, Obama didn't even know what 'top kill' was before Thursday.

Second, BP had stopped pumping sludge hours before Obama's newsconference, in order to see if it was having any effect.

Third, as of Saturday, 'top kill' failed.

So, Mr. Obama. If you were responsible for 'top kill' implementation, you are responsible for its failure, right?

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Scott McCray said...

Heh...check my latest post...kinda dovetails with yours.