Sunday, June 27, 2010

Eagles 2010 Review

My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing the Eagles at AAC in Dallas last night. The group played for 3 1/2 hours, showing an incredible amount of energy for a bunch of guys who aren't far from a retirement home.

Glen Frey actually introduced their effort as the "2010 Assisted Living Tour". Not far from the truth!

Individually, all four showed signs of their ages. Joe Walsh did not look good at all. Timothy Schmidt looked like a walking skeleton. Their vocals, understandably, were not what they used to be. In harmony, however, wow - they were great. And, even with the length of the performance, there was just as much energy in the last encore as there was in the opening number.

Now, naturally for me, there were some detractions from the performance;

The rendition of "Dirty Laundry". The song was great, and presented well. The video backdrop was full of images of media figures. Fox News personalities started the video montage, and were prominent throughout. Everyone who appears on Fox News was splashed on screen as Henley's lyrics slammed the media. There were a couple of generic CNN screen caps in there, a lot of Jerry Springer and National Enquirer. California musicians - there should be no surprise what their politics are, but I found this offensive.

The proliferation of cell phones. The arena could have turned off all of the lights, and there would have been more than sufficient illumination provided by the hundreds of phone screens. I don't understand it - here you are at the Eagles, and you are spending time texting, or calling someone on the phone? WTF is up with that?

The age of the crowd - male pattern baldness, silver hair, grandma and grandpa acting like kids. People using walkers and motorized scooters to get to their seats?

There aren't many 50+ year old women who can wear a mini-skirt and pull it off well - and none of them were in attendance last night. Likewise, if a woman's boobs hit her bellybutton upon bra removal, her shirt really shouldn't be cut so low that you can actually see said belly button.

Drunken people who insist of standing up in the front row for most of the concert, jumping up and down, yelling, and generally making asses of themselves should be tossed over the railing. The bunch who obstructed our view for a good part of the show were so drunk they coulnd't hear everyone shouting for them to sit down. They were so plastered they probably don't even know where they were last night.

For the rythmically challenged, please understand you should not loudly clap your hands in time to the music if you can't keep time with the music. How annoying!

All in all, an enjoyable evening. Plus, I can now say I've seen the Eagles in concert.

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Anonymous said...

I am so so jealous that we were not able to attend. The Eagles rank at the top of my favorites list... And as always, thank you for the hilarious perspective.