Friday, June 25, 2010

An Open Letter To John Boehner

Not that he will ever read it, but here is an open letter to Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), minority leader of the US House of Representatives.

Dear Rep. Boehner;

I am writing to you as an everday US citizen. I am a Republican, and a Conservative.

The upcoming 2010 mid-term elections are the best chance our country has to stop the attack being waged on our country by Obama and the far left. The table has been set for a fundamental change in Congress, a change that could rival the Republican landslide of 1994. The majority of folks in this country have realized what Obama and his minions are doing, and want to stop it. They are rightfully concerned about the future of our country.

However, I see Republican leadership, both in Congress and across the Nation, pretty much sitting on the sidelines as we approach this critical election. With all that Obama is doing, I expect to see Republican leadership out there publicly and loudly expressing outrage. While Republicans in Congress act correctly in blocking Obama at every opportunity, it seems that for the majority of Senators and Representatives the Rules of Engagement say to lay low. This is absolutely the wrong approach to take. No one is going to win more votes by sitting in the background avoiding conflict.

Look at who is presumed to be the heads of the Republican Party - Rush LImbaugh and Sarah Palin. Most Americans know them, but could not tell you who the Republican leadership in Congress is. Other folks know who Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, and Jan Brewer are - not because they don't make waves, but because they are out taking on Obama, his policies, and trying to defend their states against Democrat lunacy. They are doing so strongly and publicly, and they are very popular because of it.

Mr. Boehner, please take note of this. Republicans in Congress are in danger of reading the polls, listening to the pundits, sitting on their hands, and losing their opportunity in November. There is a very real possibility that complacency will prevent Republicans from taking control of Congress.

The best thing Republican leadership can do is to loudly, publicly tell the American people what Obama is pulling over on us. Just a few people actually realize what is going on. The majority of folks have no idea what legislation is being passed, what it contains, and how it is going to affect them. Your Democrat counterpart, Nancy Pelosi, has publicy stated that if the public wants to know what is in the legistaltion being voted on, just wait until it passes and we would be told. This is being done on purpose.

The majority of impact Obama's efforts will have on the average American will not start hitting until January 1, 2011 - long after the mid-term elections are over. That is not an accident. If everyone knew what was coming, the Democrats would all be tossed out of Washington in November. Secrecy is their ally.

I suggest to you, I implore you ...

Yourself and the Republican leadership must tell the American public what is coming. Tell everyone what outrageous attacks on our personal liberty will begin in 2011. Tell us how much our taxes are actually going to go up. Tell us precisely what is going to happen to our healthcare. Do it loudly, do it publicly. You should be the leader in this effort, not a wallpaper standing behind Rush and Sarah. You should be as well known as Pelosi - but for good reasons.

Do this, and the Republican and Conservative bases will be energized. Moderates who are disgusted with Obama are looking for a rallying point. Give it to them. Many Democrats who are unhappy with the modern Democrat Party are looking for a reason to throw them out and return it to the Democrat Party of John Kennedy.

Please Mr. Boehner - do not allow the Republicans to waste this critical opportunity. If we do not gain control of Congress in November, there will be no hope of stopping Obama';s assault, and no hope of rolling back what he has already done. There is too much at stake for our leadership to sit on the sidelines.


Beat Boehner said...

This is funny. Oh, and your grammar is awfully poor... it's the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party. Too bad you've been listening to all of the imbecilic talking heads on TV.

Oh, and you may want to add a postscript to your open letter - you may want to let Boehner know he should worry about his own district, where his opponent Justin Coussoule is waging a tough campaign and can beat him in November.

67Cougar said...

Thanks for your comment.

However ... it is the Democrat Party - it is not, nor has it ever been the Democratic Party. Members of the party are referred to as Democrats, not Democratics. Democrat is a noun ... Democratic is an adjective.

In addition, there is absolutely nothing about the Democrat Party that is democratic. Socialist - yeah. Democratic - not since the days of JFK.

67Cougar said...

And, to your point on his re-election. It may be that he is in a fight - the vast majority of incumbents are, and they should be.

Just ask the guy you idolize over in the Senate - Harry Reid ....

Anonymous said...

This is too truthful to leave as just an open letter, mail it to him!