Tuesday, June 22, 2010

July 2 - The World Will Be Right On That Day

July 2, 2010. Make a note on your calendar. That is the date that all things in the world will be corrected. The natural order will be restored. Peace will break out all over. Global Warming will be solved. Well, may be not that ....

July 2nd's NASCAR Nationwide race in Daytona will see the return of 'real' stock cars to the track. Mustangs and Challengers will be flying around the high Daytona turns. Cars that actually have a resemblence to real production cars will be out there - and COOL cars at that.

The Mustang and Challenger cars will be limited to the Nationwide Series for now. There are no plans to take them to Cup level.

GM was the party pooper. Rather than roll out the 2010 Camaro to do battle, they stuck with the tired old ugly 4 door Impala platform. Obama Motors strikes again. I imagine that a lot of teams running the Mustangs and Challengers will pick up new fans. just because they are recognizable performance cars.

Now, these aren't 'real' production Mustangs and Challengers - far from it. There is absolutely nothing on the cars that can be gotten on a production version of those cars. BUT WHO CARES? They look cool. They look like race cars.

I can't wait.

P.S. - looking at this photo, you would think that the Mustang has a decided aero advantage ...

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