Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McChrystal Should Be Fired

General Stanley McChrystal should be fired.

But, not for the reason that is all over the headlines.

General McChrystal and his staff made comments reported in a Rolling Stone interview. Some of the comments are not exactly complimentary to Obama and his henchmen. Now, that's a no-no - no matter what their personal feelings, military members are not supposed to air any complaints against their superiors, be they military or civilian. Obama would be well within his rights as Commander-in-Chief to force him to 'retire'.

However, I have another reason he should be fired. In the Rolling Stone piece, McChrystal reveals he voted for Obama in 2008. That shows a severe lack of judgement. No matter how well he is doing running the war in Afghanistan, the fact he was stupid enough to fall for Obama's schtick shows a definite lack of logical reasoning.

Hey General ... how's that Hope and Change working out for you?

Update - well, it came to pass. McChrystal fell on his sword this afternoon. I am surprised Obama let him resign - I fully expected him to refuse the resignation and fire him, publicly humiliating the General. But, thankfully, Obama did not do that.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit to find out that Obama threatened the General's retirement if McChrystal comes out and publicly says anything. A shame, for here is what I would like to hear the General say:

"Yes, I and my aides broke the rules by discussing our distaste with the poor performance of the civilian authority. I take full responsiblity, and I have resigned my posting. However, let me be clear - the reasons for the disparaging remarks cited in the Rolling Stone article are very real. President Obama and his staff have no clue what they are doing in regards to the war in Afghanistan. Their actions and policies have directly led to the deaths of US and NATO personnel, and continue to contribute to a deteriorating situation. The American Public deserves to know how inept its Commander-in-Chief is."

I really don't expect him to say anything like that, but if he got popped for telling the truth, why not go all the way?

Now General Patraeus has been put into McChrystal's place. The same General who did so well in Iraq. The same General who was called a liar by Hillary Clinton during Senate hearings. Watch out General ... better sharpen your sword for when you are required to fall on it.

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Margot said...

That makes such perfect sense that I am going to call Fox News to come interview you - it is straight to the point and would end all supposition as to how this should play out.