Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dems - The Rich Will Pay For All Healthcare

The Democrat controlled House Ways and Means Committee, the primary faucet for federal tax law changes, is leaning heavily towards an income tax surcharge on 'the rich' to pay for the majority of Obama's Socialist Healthcare Reform.

Shelley Berker (D-NV), member of the committee, said the surcharge would be levied on those who earn over $200,000, or couples who earn more than $250,000. How much of a surcharge it would be was not disclosed. The surcharge emerged as a frontrunner, edging out a general increase in payroll taxes that would hit everyone.

What better way to buy votes from middle America than to give them healthcare paid for by the rich?

I am not in that 'rich' category, but this is just wrong.

Another problem is Obama's changing definition of 'rich'. By the time this could become law, the definition might be $100,000 ... or $75,000 ...

Update - Saw some numbers today indicating that with the Obamacare tax surcharge and everything else that is being heaped on them, 'rich' residents of New York City will be paying out at a 57% tax rate. Incredible - the government is going to take 57% of their income. I had seen numbers in the past, showing where less than 44,000 'rich' people were payiing 90% of NYC's tax income, and the number of people doing it were dropping at an unprecedented rate. NYC is wondering why the rich are leaving it - they are being taxed to death, you stupid idiots! Pretty soon, those 44,000 are going to be gone, and no one will be there to pick up the slack. NYC thinks it has a budget problem now, just wait ... they will be in worse shape than CA.

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