Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vultures Attack Palin

Can't the left and the mainstream press leave Sarah alone? She's resigned her position as Governor of Alaska, for reasons only those close to her know for certain. However, the press vultures are out in full force, trying to skin her alive.

I saw some of an interview she did with Andrea Mitchell of NBC this evening. It was on the shore, where Sarah and her family were running fish nets. OK, it was a staged opportunity. But you could hear the sarcasm, the venom dripping from Mitchell's voice as she fired stupid question after stupid question at Sarah. It was clear that Mitchell's intent was not an interview, but her own editorial delivered in front of Sarah inthe background.

There is a basic reason that the left has been in such a frenzy since she was anounced as VP candidate. They are scared to death of her! The mainstream media has attacked her at every opportunity, in fact making up opportunities. It's a pattern for these vultures - attack, ridicule, character assasination, personal attacks on relatives, false charges of made up scandals - all in an effort to defeat a strong opponent before the battle even commences.

They don't want to face Sarah in 2012. She's everything they fear - female, good looking, pro-life, energetic, and conservative. She's everywoman - down to earth, says it like it is, doesn't put up with political crap. It irks the elitist left to no end to see her on TV.
Paired with another strong conservative, she could very well defeat Obama the Immaculate, especially if he continues his path to destruction of the US as we know it.


Margot said...

Hope you had a good 4th. Not only does the left and mainstream media "pick" on her, but I don't think women in general have supported her much - perhaps it is the "green eyed" monster. The republicans haven't exactly rallied behind her - I don't recall hearing too much from McCain while his campaign people were spreading unkind rumors about her. Her message resonants alot of what I hear from people at "Tea Parties" - maybe she has had it with both political parties and has something else in mind - a third party perhaps?

Kath said...

I didn't like it when McCain picked her, bec. I felt I was getting played -- she's a woman, that will seal the women's votes. Seemed it was only a political ply.

But then I liked her speeches and she came across as genuine. And the more I liked her, the more disappointing McCain became.

Seemed like the TV ads sucked, his appearances didn't go well -- it all seemed to falter. But NOT bec. of her, she was the bright part of it.

And, yes, she definitely does get picked on -- every word, every gesture, her clothes, hair, everything. It's ridiculous.

But I don't "get" this resignation. I'm a bit put-off by it, whatever the reason for it.

If the reason is supposed to be that she has become a distraction to the running of the State of Alaska, I don't think she should have resigned. That's not a good enough reason.

Something about this doesn't sit right with me, so I'm really in a wait and see mode.