Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rep. Michael Burgess, Republican Hero of the Day

Meet Dr. Michael Burgess (R-TX), a practicing medical doctor and Texas' Congressional Representative from the 26th District. Dr. Burgess is a conservative, and as a medical doctor, has a perspective unlike almost everyone else in Congress. He has, and continues, to experience our health care system firsthand, unlike idiots like Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi. Dr. Burgess is a Republican member of the House Energy and Commerce committee, run by Waxman. This committee reviewed the House health care reform bill (obviously, since Waxman was the primary author of the bill).

Dr. Burgess addressed the committee, challenging Waxman's lies. Suprisingly, he got it all out before Waxman cut him off.

Dr. Burgess has also lended his expertise on news interviews.

Dr. Burgess tried to introduce amendments to the health care bill that would address defensive medicine - the practice of practicing medicine to defend ones's self against litigation. Waxman shot down the amendment - personal injury attorneys are against any such tort reform, and they are very heavy Democrat contributors.

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Kath said...

Best headline I saw was on Fox, "Mr. President, please press pause".

As in take a breath in this steamroller event of your presidency and let's get a few things taken care of before you trash the next item on your agenda and then run to something else.

And do you think Nancy P. is just the least bit PEEVED that she can't push this through?? Wow.

Henry Waxman is just the most weirdest man ever. How he is in charge of anything, I don't know.