Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can You Believe the Line of Crap Obama is Force Feeding Us?

Yesterday's town hall meeting in Virginia, staged to let Obama the Immaculate have a free forum for his health care pitch, was just the latest in a series of planned, staged, setup events - events made to look spontaneous, but in reality are carefully planned and controlled.

The live audience of about 200 was selected by the White House and the college where the stage play was conducted. Obama answered 7 'questions'. Four of them were selected from internet video submissions by Obama's staff.

Obama called on three 'random' persons in the audience to pose questions. One person was closely tied to the Service Employees International Union. A second one was from a group called Health Care for America Now, a front for a Democrat PAC. The third was from Organizing for America, a subgroup of the DNC. The White House called the selections completely random.

Each question posed led Obama into a talking points speech. His remarks were so carefully choreographed that it was obvious the whole question and answer session had been scripted, just like a campaign speech.

It used to be that Presidents (particularaly Bush) were grilled by the mainstream press to no end if there was even the hint of a staged or preplanned question or event. Now, in the reign of Obama, the press swallows it whole, and assists him in sending His message to the people - unquestioned and unchallenged.

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