Friday, July 17, 2009

Obamacare - Just Makes You Want to Throw Up

The House version of the Obamacare bill is 1018 pages long. It is massive, and it has embedded in it endless little gems like these:

If you do not get your health insurance from your employer, you will be forced to use government supplied health insurance. It will be ILLEGAL for you to attempt to purchase your own private health insurance, and it will be illegal for companies to offer it.

If you lose or leave your job, you will not have the current option of continuing your health insurance (currently called COBRA). Unless your previous employer continues to pay for yor coverage, you will be forced to go into the government insurance plan.

Payments made to health care providers under Medicare will be sharply reduced. This will force many providers who currently accept Medicare patients to start refusing to do so. So, Americans currently relying upon Medicare will see their health care choices sharply curtailed.

By year four of Obamacare, the CBO (non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, run by people appointed by Dems in Congress) estimates that the cost of the plan will add $200,000,000,000 to the federal deficit each and every year.
God help us ....

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Anonymous said...

Exactly! And we have elected men and women who understand. The problem is that most of them are republican, and therefore their opinion doesn't count anymore.

Many Medicaid (or Medicare, my addition, AP80) enrollees face significant challenges finding a doctor who will accept their coverage. A recent article in the Dallas Morning News highlighted the troubles a young girl in North Texas covered by Medicaid had in finding a doctor to treat her, stating that due to the lack of Medicaid doctors, "…Medicaid patients often grow sicker while hunting for a doctor." This is a quote from US Congressman Michael Burgess, M.D., from the 26th District. Indeed God help us!