Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chris Christie Tells It Like It Is

I like Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ). He's not conservative enough on some subjects for my tastes, but he's been a hell of a lot better for New Jersey than his Democrat (thief) predecessor. What he says here is just common sense, and he says it without regard as to how politically correct it is. That takes big brass ones in the political arena, and he is to be admired for that.

One thing I noticed in this clip, which was apparently shot in a large restaurant. Most of the employees moving around in the backgroud are African-American. They are all Republicans (unlikely), deaf (also unlikely), or exhibiting tremendous self control in not reacting to what the Governor is saying about Obama.

Update - Not to be outdone, The Donald goes off on Obama for inconveniencing New Yorkers, again. This is priceless!

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