Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Democrats and the Sham of Super Committee

Democrats on the Congressional deficit reduction Super Committee have left the negotiating table, and are refusing to speak with Republicans on the committee.


Two reasons, both of which I have written about before.

First, and foremost, Democrats want this as a campaign issue. Even before Super Committee meetings began, Democrat leadership in the House and Senate publicly scolded their Republican opponents for being inflexible, and unwilling to negotiate. In an almost daily diatribe, all we heard in the mainstream press was some Dem talking head complaining that Republicans would not talke about increasing revenue, that all they wanted was to punish the poor and reward the rich. What bullshit!

Democrats want to be able to harp on this throughout the 2012 campaign to get Obama reelected, and they sincerely hope to retake control of the House and retain the Senate. Aided by the media, they will try very hard to convince the undecided voters that Republicans are the bad guys, the reason we are in this mess, and the only reason we can't get out of the mess.

Second, Democrats are salivating at the idea of the mandatory cuts that will take place, by law, if the Super Committee is unsuccessful. Every liberal's wet dream is to see our military castrated. The mandatory cuts would eviscerate the Pentagon's budget, and devestate our military capability for a decade or more.

So, Democrats never had any intention of being serious about the Super Committee, except in their intention to twist it and sabotage it for political gain.


Update - Even as Republicans on the committee are making honest efforts at compromise (offering tax reforms and some hikes), Democrats continue to blow smoke up our asses. Their latest attempt - they want to count 'anticipated savings' from ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as the largest portion of the spending cuts that will be required to meet the committee's target. Those 'savings' will not be saved (in other words, NOT SPENT), instead being made available for spending elsewhere. Somehow, according to Democrats, that equates to spending cuts.

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Margot said...

I am sure Iran will also like it when our military is "castrated". We are doomed.