Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Committee Fails, Democrats Declare Victory

Well, no surprise on this one.

Leaders of the Super Committee have declared that they are at an impasse, and no deal will happen on the required defecit reduction prior to the Thanksgiving deadline.

Republicans stuck to their stance that the majority of the deficit reductions must come from spending cuts.

Democrats wouldn't budge, the deficit reductions must come from tax increases on 'the rich'.

As I've said before, this was doomed before it even started, and it was doomed by design.

Democrats are jumping for joy in victory, even if you don't see it publicly. The automatic spending cuts that their failure will trigger will fall mainly on the Pentagon, devestating our military - exactly what they wanted.

Republicans in the Senate and House are already working on alternative legislation to keep the automatic cuts in Defense from happening. It will pass the House and might even pass the Senate - there are some Democrats in states with heavy Defense industries that might actually stand up for their constituents.

However, Obama has already come out and publicly declared he will veto any attempt to stop or modify the automatic cuts.

What is sad is that this whole exercise happened at all. It was a sham, at least from the Democrat side. They get to claim they came to the negotiating table, and Republicans obstructed their efforts to reach a bi-partisan compromise. That's absolute horseshit, but they will certainly be claiming it, and the mainstream media will be helping them to do so. A wonderful by-product for them is they get to see our armed forces cut off at the knees.

Here is how this disaster gets averted - Republicans win both houses of Congress and the White House in November, and roll back the automatic cuts (along with Obamacare and a dozen other disasters His Highness has managed to shackle us with).

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Margot said...

This is so pathetic. It really is. NOTHING IN WASHINGTON WORKS RIGHT AT ALL.