Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Practicing for the Zombie Apocalypse

The amount of crap being sold and scarfed up by idiots preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse amazes me. T-shirts, Zombie killing kits, study guides ... It is difficult to tell what is tongue-in-cheek and what is serious. In any case, its just F***ing stupid.

At the local shoot em up range a couple of weeks ago, two young men were occupying the lanes next to me. They had on black tactical gear, combat style boots, and black T-shirts proudly stating they were with the Zombie Extermination Squad, Inc. I spied a hiked up four wheel drive truck, all black, in the parking lot with the same nomenclature spread across the windshield. Rather than using normal targets, these guys had posters with zombies and hostages printed on them. Each of them had a couple of tactically configured M-4s. Laser sights, red dots, 30 round mags - you'd have thought they were contractors preparing to go to Afghanistan.

I hope they were trying to sight those weapons in, because they had no idea where their rounds were going. At 50 yards, they were lucky to hit the target stand, much less the zombie. Zombies of the world are safe from these two! They're watching me put up 5 shot groupings in a 3/4 inch target dot at the same range. 'Holy S**t dude, how are you doing that?'

These guys have a running dialog with anyone who is unlucky enough to get within voice range, extolling the virtues of preparing for the coming zombie invastion. Yes, it must be real, because the government (CDC) came out with an official statement saying it is going to happen. Here, go to our website, and we'll give you all the information you need to survive. Listening to them, I had no idea if they were serious, just having fun, or tyring to peddle their crap.

And no ... I did not visit their web site.

How crazy is this - or better yet, how many people are trying to make money off of it? Here is a VERY small sample of zombie target manufacturers, as advertised in main stream shooting magazines. Very ghoulish (pardon the pun) ...

Zombie Ammo

Zombie Industries

BTW - I certainly do not endorse the 'products' protrayed by these companies, am merely illustrating the absurdity ...

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