Wednesday, November 16, 2011

They Just Couldn't Help Themselves

The left wing goobers over at the LA Times can't report a single thing without trying to put a liberal slant on it ...

In a report on the formation of a huge iceberg in Antarctica, they make the follwing statements:

"The formation of an iceberg is called calving, and although it's a fairly regular event - probably unrelated to global warming - scientists are awaiting this one with considerable anticipation. Icebergs this big calve off only about once every 10 years."

They take two scientific facts - the formation of an iceberg - icebergs this size are born about every 10 years - and manages to intertwine a reference to global warming.

Global warming, the man-made variety that is supposedly ending our planet, has reportedly been around for how many years? A couple of decades? I can say with a pretty large amount of certainty that there were large icebergs formed before 1990 ...

The new 'berg is a massive amount of ice about to break off the Pine Island Glacier, on the western edge of Antarctica. When it finally breaks free, it will measure about 308 square miles in surface area.

The Pine Island Glacier has been producing large 'bergs for much longer than man has been on Earth. And yet, somehow, these weasels find a way to interject a political agenda into a simple factual report.

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