Sunday, November 20, 2011

NASCAR's Perfect Day

This is how a championship should be decided.

Last race of the season. The two contenders running first and second for the last 50 laps, the guy who finishes in front of the other wins not only the race, but the season long championship.

It is not decided by parts failure, gas mileage, or someone else's wreck. It is decided by two drivers who drove their hearts out, in brilliantly prepared machines.

The two of them end up tied in the points for the championship, it is awarded on a non-controversial tie-breaker. Very cool.

I really wanted Carl Edwards to win. Ford. Roush. Nice guy. Didn't happen.

I don't mind Tony Stewart winning. Owns his own car and team. Speaks his mind. Hell of a race car driver. Not Jimmy Johnson.

I cannot remember another championship in any form of sport that had a more perfect finish.

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