Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obama's DHS' Latest Tool To Fight Terrorism

This just really pisses me off ...

The Western Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission manages the homeland security program in 13 Michigan counties. This agency recently purchased and distributed new security equipment to the 13 counties, using federal money earmarked by the Department of Homeland Security.

The equipment included one Arctic Blast Sno-Cone Machine for each county. The machines cost about $900 each, for a total outlay of $11,700.

The Commission had specifically requested the machines, citing that "the snow cone machines can make ice to prevent heat related illnesses during emergencies, treat injuries, and provide snow cones as an outreach at promotional events". What these rocket scientists apparently didn't realize, or chose to ignore, is the fact that these machines do not produce ice - they merely take existing ice and shave it into a form that is usable for sno-cones.

There should be an investigation into this. If this was a dirty deal where tax dollars were funneled to someone's friend, or a political ally of someone on that Commission, then they ought to go to jail.

This is an outrage. Obama is screaming at us that he needs hundreds of billions of dollars more in tax revenue or the country will collapse. Bullshit. The government doesn't need any more of our money. It needs to stop wasting what it already steals from us! What is more outrageous than this one incident is that this kind of shit is pervasive throughout our government. The bigger the government, the more control they have over us, the more waste, the more fraud it produces.

I can see it now ... Achmed the Terrorist running out of his cave, shouting to his fellow martyr buds "Run, run away ... they're going to hit us with slushies !!!!!"

AND, by the way - do a google search on Arctic Blast Snocone machines, and you can find them all day long at $440 each. Our wonderful f***ing government overpaid almost $500 each for them!!!!!

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