Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Very Concerned About 2012

The closer we get to the elections of 2012, the more apprehensive I get about what will happen. A few months ago, it seemed a lock that no matter who the Republicans nominated, they would wax the floor with Obama. Republican control of both houses of Congress seemed assured.

Now, not so much, for four main reasons.

First, the Republican nomination process, although still far from decided, has left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of people. A few missteps, combined with a rabid determination by the mainstream media to destroy anyone that poses a threat to Obama has minimized the potential candidates.

Cain had no chance, no matter what the poles stated. Even before the manufactured sexual harrassment crap, the initial excitement of his freshness was wearing off. No matter his message, he simply doesn't have the credentials to hold the office, and that was becomming apparent. Cain should have a future in a Republican Administration - he's a hell of a lot more knowledgable about the realities of finance than most of the idiots occupying Obama's cabinet, that's for sure.

Perry came on with a flash, but his debate performances have been bad - no doubt about it. Will Republicans be so put off by his lack of polish that they ignore the fact he's the most qualified candidate? Time will tell. You would think that an electorate that has seen how much you can count on a slickster behind a teleprompter would be smarter than that. Perry has run the most successful state in the Union for a dozen years. Texas is the envy of almost every other state, and a whole hell of a lot of people have moved here to benefit from that. Is he perfect - Of course not. But he's a lot better than the other Republican candidates, and light years ahead of the moron currently in the White House.

Romney is the default candidate. He will be the nominee if no one else is left standing. He's no one's first choice. The good things about him are he is very presentable, and he is a completely known quantity. The bad things are he is not a conservative by any definition of the word. If he is indeed the nominee, it will be difficult for Republicans to generate excitement over it. Also, as bad as it is to realize this, his Faith will be an issue in the general election to a sizable number of voters.

Gingrich is showing more lives than a cat. He is a puzzle. Sometimes, he is one of the most brillian political minds in our country's history. Other times, he can't get his shoe out of his own mouth. Resurgent in the poles after having his candidacy declared dead more than once, he is bound to step in it again before the convention. He will not be the nominee. If for some reason he is, Democrats will tear him apart during the general election process on his character issues - deserved or not.

Everyone else is just jockeying for the political payoff their endorsement for one candidate will bring them. (Except Ron Paul, whose ego just likes to see him make an ass of himself every 4 years.)

It is too late for anyone else to successfully enter the race. What we've got to choose from is what we've got. The biggest key to the White House next year is going to be whether the supporters of the losing candidates fall in behind the winner, and make him their candidate. If they get pissed off at their guy/gal not being the chosen one and take their toys home, the election is lost.

What Republicans MUST realize, and must be made to realize by all the candidates even after the choice is made, is that getting Obama out of the White House is the overriding mission. No matter who the Republican is, that person will be a marked improvement. 4 more years of His Highness is not something our country can survive - it is that important to return him to private life!!!!

Second, the Democrat spin machine is already moving into high gear. We are flooded with reports of economic recovery, better jobs outlook, and Obama's success in ending two wars. There is no recovery - if we keep going the way we are being led, there iwll be no recovery. The jobs situation is not better - just because the number of NEW unemployed people dropped below 400,000 last month does not mean the economy is adding jobs. Folks, that means that about 400,000 people are losing their jobs each month - according to the government's own figures. Those figures are monkeyed with constantly, with the goal to get the overall unemployed rate under 9.00%. Almost every month you see a revision to the number of lost jobs released a few days after the 'official' release - and the figure is always revised upwards. The first, better, figure is what the media reports. The Obama Administration is trying every dirty trick they can to keep that number down - counting phantom jobs, counting part time jobs, underreporting jobless claims, etc. They know that no President has eve been reelected with an unemployement rate this high.

This spin is going to increase as we progress thorugh early 2012 and into campaign season. If you listen to the mainstream media next summer, you will think that the country's situation is great. It's a lie, a coordinated lie intended to fool the public into believing Obama's policies are beginning to work, and if we just give him 4 more years, we'll be back stronger than we ever have been.

Third - about half of the country is directly benefiting from Obama's policies. They love the message that His Higness spits out - the rich should provide you everything you need. Never mind that is impossible, even if every penny the rich ever have is redistributed. Never mind that if the rich are robbed to the point where they aren't rich, where will the money come from then? Never mind that the left is trying its best to create an entitlement state, where each citizen or non-citizen depends upon the government handouts.

If you have a President who tells you that he will give you whatever you need, and some rich person you don't know is going to pay for it all, you'd be pretty happy with that President, wouldn't you? Of course you would, at least until you start to realize that it was all a line of bullshit - and even then you'd believe his lies about what's causing the delays in their checks.

You also have a good number of brain dead people who voted for Obama in 2008 because he was black, or because they thought it was cool, who will do so again.

Fourth - The conservative wave that swept through Congress in 2010 has done what it could to stop Obama. Unfortunately, pretty much all they could do was stop him, because Dems still had the Senate, and he still has the veto pen. Republicans have been unable to fix anything, because the Senate refuses to any legislation passed by the Republican controlled House to become law.

Democrats are already portraying Republicans as the party of NO. The guys who just stand in the way and don't accomplish anything. Never mind that it is all they've been able to do.

What happened in 2010 is unlikely to reoccur in 2012. It is by no means a given that Republicans will gain control of the Senate, and some Democrats are even now predicting they will regain the House.

It is essential for Republicans to maintain the House, and gain the Senate if they have any possibility of reversing what Obama has done to us. If they only have one side of Congress, we will continue in virtual gridlock. If they have both sides of Congress, but lose the White House, Obama will veto any attempt to roll back his destruction.

As important as the sweeping change of 2010 was, 2012 is a whole lot more critical to the survival of our country. What seemed like a certain victory just a few months ago seems a little less certain each day we get closer to November 2012.

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Margot said...

I think the upcoming election is crucial but for another reason. I think the dye has been cast. The ripple effect so exceeds just who is in the White House or Congress. No amount of change in the White House can "undo" all that has been done. When the other shoe falls and it will soon (though I am not sure from which direction it is coming) I would like someone in the White House who will lead this country to rebuild not sucuumb - which is what our current "leader" will do if he is in the White House when it happens.