Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Obama's DHS - The Nation's Protectors

Obama's Department of Homeland Security has sent us a video in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, intended to alert the American public to an imminent threat to our national security.

(In the interest of full disclosure, they sent this out via Twitter in a series of messages on the subject, with one message containing a link to this UL produced video.)

Does it concern being vigilant during this busy air travel time? Does it ask us to keep a look out for suspicious activity as we shop the crowded malls on Black Friday? Not exactly .....

Seriously? Frying a turkey is something the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY must warn us about. What??? Is this a level red WARNING???

This is a wonderful example of how the left views us, the public - completely stupid and incapable of any independent thought. We must be controlled, and protected from ourselves. A few genious Ivy League liberals know what's best for all of us. Thank God we have such people in charge!

I feel so much safer!!!

BTW - No one can accused DHS of not having a sense of humor. On their official website, interspersed with their Thanksgiving holiday travel tips are hilarious, uplifting, side splitting jokes to make our DHS experience so much more enjoyable:

Unlike people who join the Navy, turkeys are destined to join the gravy.

When deceased turkeys are offended, do they roll over in their own gravy?

Turkeys take offense to 'laugh your head off''.

This, from the Cabinet level department responsible for overseeing everything related to defending our country. Billions of our dollars wasted each year on this bloated mess, and this is what we get!

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