Monday, November 28, 2011

Bawney Say Bye Bye

Rep. Barney Frank has told the world that he will not seek reelection to a 17th term in the US House of Representatives. Anyone who has served that long in a very taxing (no pun intended) and high stress job has certainly earned their retirement, but the actual reason(s) are in question.

Frank, in his announcement, stated that he didn't want to campaign. Congressional redistricting, mandated by the 2010 census, caused Frank's usually safe Democrat district to be not so safe anymore. He would actually have to run a reelection campaign, instead of just claiming the seat he believes he owns. Experts looking at the 2012 elections had predicted a tough campaign for him to win 'his' seat. Apparently, Barney just didn't want to work for his position - or maybe he is afraid of the embarrassment he would suffer if he lost the election - a very real possibility.

There may be more to it than that - high profile members of Congress that suddenly quit usually have something about to come out that they are trying to quash. Another scandal? Is he going to reopen the gay prostitution ring that ran out of his basement a few years ago? Maybe open a parking ticket fixer service?

I don't know, and I really don't care what his reason is. Good Riddance. Our country will be better off without him in a position of power.

Barney Frank was one of the handful of people who started the mess that has gotten us into this economic disaster. He, Chris Dodd, and Bill Clinton sowed the seeds of economic devastation in the 90s, when they bullied the financial industry into giving loans to anyone who wanted them, no matter if they could pay them back or not. That legislation combined with their strong armed tactics created the sub-prime mortgage bubble.

Good riddance, you jerk.

Oh ... there is a downside to Frank leaving, if you can believe that. Frank has been the ranking Dem on the House Financial Services Committee. He runs the Committee when Dems have control of the House. That position is very powerful, and very dangerous in the wrong hands. The second in line for that post, and the default selection to become ranking Dem on the Committee is Maxine Waters (D-CA). Yes, that Maxine Waters - the one under multiple ethics rules violation investigations and one of the biggest race baiters the US Congress has ever known. The one who is insanely anti-capitalist, anti-business, and yes - anti-white. You can bet that business leaders all over the country are already calling Dem members of Congress lobbying to make sure she is not given the position.

Hopefully, Dem leadership in the House will select a more rational person to take that position - but it is doubtful, since doing so would bring down the wrath of the Congressional Black Caucus on them.

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