Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thanks a Lot, Nevada

I really want to thank the voters of Nevada for giving us another dose of Harry Reid. To all of you union thugs, illegal immigrants, and campaign operators who secured his victory, thanks a lot. To the Republicans, who chose one of the weakest candidates they could find to oppose him in what should have been a slam dunk defeat for Reid, thanks a lot.

Now, the Democrat leader of the Senate has called the Chinese Premier a 'dictator' in public, while the Chinese leader is in this country being hosted by Reid's boss - Obama. Now, even if he is a dictator, how stupid can you be? To insult this man, arguably the leader of the most powerful country on earth, while your buddy is schmoozing him is just catastrophic lunacy.

China holds our mortage. If they call it due, it may end this country - or at least drop it to second world status. We have become so dependent upon China that we cannot move away from them (by their design). China can run our country, if they wish to.

This might even top his 'This War is Lost' on the stupidest things said by a politician in the past decade list.

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Margot said...

I like what Glenn Beck called the Chinese Premier the other night "my landlord".